News - August 13th, 2013

 Hello Dear Friends Summer is Almost Over How can that Be???


I've been busy working on new samples for new classes. I have designed a wonderful Christmas Tree with toys under it and an angel on top and many ornaments. I did this so each person with my direction can design their own memory. When you were a child or a special Christmas now or earlier with someone you love or loved.

Check out my blog to see the photos.


  SPEAKING OF COWS....if you have a cow to show off from our book "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" please email us a photo  We are organizing the MORE -The cow parade continues to grow and we hope to have new venues next year!

    If you wonder where the pattern is, it is in the book above which you can order from me here.


Out of the Box -Easy Piecing Blocks. I did this book with my friend Mel McFarland who is easy to work with and a good and fun friend. We work well together. This book is $25. and is all about easy piecing cats, cupcakes, coffee pot and cups, princess's, high heels,  popcicles, handbags and much more. Done the easy piecing hoochy way, it is quick and has lots of fun along the way.

If you would like to order the book, simply go to "go shopping" above and I will send it right out    

I give l ittle prizes  to  those who order from me.wait and see what I might send you   :0)


I have only ONE blog now...please visit it and comment and you might win some fabric...I don't announce this, I just do it on the sly once in while for fun.


 Come and check out the nicest chatroom ever....lovely girls who share info on quilting, crafting, links, places to get good deals, pattern ideas, recipes and advice on lots of things....LOVELY and lasting friends.


OR (Marylouweidman)


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 "If you always do what you have always done, you always get what you've always got."

Think about this if you are still doing the same old things over and over- this might be the year you change and expand and invent and challenge yourself!


"A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains it's original dimensions. " Oliver Wendall Holmes

 Thank you for coming here and for supporting me, I love my quilting friends.

Please check out my blog for many photos , workshops

&  other nice things friend.

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