Artist Statement

Mary Lou Weilman"I create art for the adventure of inviting my artist outside to play and surprise me ." " I design, quilt, paint and draw to please the inner me and bring a smile to my face as I get caught up in the process of creating." "For me, it is all about the journey and seeing what I am going to do next, it is the mystery that keeps me passionate about what I do." " I believe that if you do your work of creativity with the intent of having fun and discovery, those that view your work will enjoy it too but that goal is only secondary to pleasing myself."

Mary Lou Donahue Weidman began quilting with her Maternal Grandmother. Mary Lou's Father was an artist and musician and encouraged creativity and to look at the world in a curious, positive way. Color, texture, shapes and composition were discussed at an early age and any drawing, coloring ,painting or crafts of the day was encouraged. Painting was my Dad's number one love and he passed this along to me.  After taking Fine Arts in school and selling both oil paintings on canvas and posters of girls in bikini's to fraternity boys, Mary Lou graduated and did layout work for the city newspaper, store windows, rodeo billboards, and other avenues in art. All of this with three small children in tow and the dream owning an art studio and doing what I really grow in my discovery of art.

Many years later I hit my goal of a fabric line (many), taught in all 50 States, and visited 9 countries.I started a pattern company as well.

The best part of this? The friends I have made. Quilters are wonderful, giving people. And I hope to meet YOU in a class one of these days. You might want to come to one of my retreats where we get to know Washington State (Eastern) and beautiful Idaho. We have alot of fun and make lifetime friends and quilts.