Workshops - Drawings from Children/artwork from loved ones

Drawings from Children/artwork from loved ones

This is probably one of my most favorite things to teach because I get to see young children's artwork and lovely notes and little cartoons from loved ones. 

Bring a piece or many to incorporate into one great quilt. I encourage people to take children's artwork or possibly a note to you with a cartoon or an aplphabet written by a child and turn it into a beautiful, free and out of the box quilt! There are a few secrets and once you start they are so fun to make.

My samples is a quilt by my 7 year old Granddaughter who drew a story in school about a Prince saving a Princess. Many mis-spelled words and such fun! Now that she is older she giggles and I know this quilt will be dear to her in the future and to her children. These are Legacy quilts for sure. Take something you have kept on paper and bring it to make that special quilt others will love too.

Two day workshop